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Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

The product arrived as promised in two days (Amazon Prime). Packaging was flimsy and would not have been easily reuseable had I needed to return the treadmill. Instructions for assembly were clear and assembly was not difficult. Elapsed time from delivery to first use was about one hour. Actual assembly took about 20 minutes, including occasional references back to the manual. The remainder of the time was spent unpacking, removing the packing material, doing a first read of the relevant parts of the manual, and doing an inventory of the parts. Assembly required a phillips screwdriver (not provided) and a hex wrench (provided).

Operations and adjustment of the treadmill is simple. The six pre-programmed speed sequences (3 weight loss and 3 intensity) are convenient and the do-it-yourself mode not only lets you avoid the pre-programmed sequences ... but lets you override them if you do use them ... so ... if the program has you going at a speed you don't like, you can manually jack that up (or down) until the next program change.

While not silent by any means, this treadmill is much quieter than our last one and the noise it does make is not annoying. I have no other frame of reference to offer. I have two negative comments on this treadmill. First, the height of the control panel ... and hence the hand grips ... cannot be changed. I am 6 ft 3 in; and I have to bend to grip the handlebars;. I cut the treadmill one star based on that. Were my wife writing this review, she'd give it five stars ... but then, she's shorter than I am! Second, as has been noted in other reviews, the control panel readouts are difficult to read without an external light source. The latter is easily overcome but something Weslo could pretty easily improve in the future.